Ideal Burners

Following the government’s ongoing response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Ideal Burners will be implementing ‘their’ policy until further notice.

Ideal Burners are equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment and will continue to follow the government’s pre-defined safety precautions.

The procedures that we have set up will help control the spread of COVID-19. We will therefore be taking extra precautions and ask that you also help by following the guidelines set out below;

  • Our employee’s will wear appropriate PPE when working inside any property.
  • Our employees will provide their own beverages to maintain good hygiene.
  • To reduce time of exposure our employees will be working shorter hours where necessary, so some jobs may require an extra day for completion.

We ask you, as the customer, that you help control the virus by following these guidelines below;

  • Where possible, can any furniture be moved and covered from the working area. If this is not possible then our employees will carry this out.
  • Customers to remain in another room when the work is being carried out to help reduce exposure between groups. Furthermore, when being in the same room as our employees, keep to the government recommendation in relation to social distancing.
  • If your property has more than one bathroom, can one bathroom be designated solely for the use of our employees during their visit. Can the bathroom be disinfected beforehand to meet with government guidelines and help prevent exposure.
  • If anyone within your household has experienced COVID-19 symptoms within the past 14 days, we ask that you notify us, and we will rearrange the dates in which we visit your household.
Hard at work!
Level best!
Hobbit, Reigate.
Finishing touches on a Tudor Limestone surround.
Part twin wall, part liner flue system, Cheam.
Twin wall flue system in a conservatory with a Franco Belge stove, Caterham.